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Unit 5 - Timeline - Walt Disney's Fantasia (1940 - 2000)

Fantasia (1940) was produced by Walt Disney, the founder of Disney productions. He was also the creator of Mickey Mouse who soon came to be the productions mascot. Being successful over the years, Disney finally opened a theme park in Califronia in 1955 for kids and adults to go on rides, explore and meet familar characters such as Goofy, Donald Duck, Pluto, Snow White and so on. Disney also voiced as Mickey for The Sorcerer's Apprentice animated by Jim Salvati. Disney died from Lung Cancer in 1966 but, Disney continued creating fantastic animations.

Nutcracker Suite, an animation shown in Fantasia in the 1940. The animation was made by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky who created this wonderful piece by using nature itself. The use of the music for each animation under the name gives the animation on what they are representing. The music used in the films were recognized easy but viewers who have properly heard it on radio, adverts or in other animated films.

Fantasia 2000 was released in the 1999 with newly made animations, but one of the old animations was kept which was The Sorcerer's Apprentice. An animation short called The Pines of Rome was fantastically made and looked more 3D than being 2D. This goes beyond logic, giving its magic to what all Disney animations should have. It's what makes it fantastic and amazing. This animation was directed by Hendel Butoy.

Another animation called Firebird was brilliant. It shows the start of spring before getting wiped out by a lava flow. However, when spring is destroyed, it still flourished before the animation finishes. This shows that nature is good but the lava is not and is considered as the bad guy. How the animation got it's name because of the character design for the bad guy (lava). This animation was directed by Gaetan Brizzi and Paul Brizzi. This animation changed how Disney draw their human characters.

Fantasia 1940 would always be the best for me as it's the original, the music suited well with the animations and that it contains the magic what Disney had at the time. Fantasia 2000 tried to have the same magic which it had in 1940 but not very well. But, the two animations "Firebird" and "The Pines of Rome" were brilliantly made and created a wonderful atmosphere. The magic in these animations may be different to the ones in the 1940 but, it makes you feel alive watching it.

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