Monday, 7 March 2011

Unit 4 - Cloverfield (2008)

The film takes into the perspective of an hand held camera focusing on five new yorkers who are trying to escape from a monster attack.

The use of the hand held camera is used to give experience to the viewers watching it to make them feel like they are actually in the movie itself. Also, as the film is being recorded on the hand held camera, it is also recording other bits of the past before the monster started to attack. This shows what the characters were doing at the past before seeing what they are doing now in the present.

The producers used the hand held camera to create a motion sickness, the same way what the Blair Witch Project did. The type of camera the new yorkers used is a Panasonic HVX200. However, the producers used vary of hand held cameras, including HVX, the Sony F23, and the Thomson Viper.

A minor mistake accured when the head of the Statue of Liberty came flying down to the ground in the middle of the road. The size of the head looked too small and needed to be bigger.

"This is actually rather comforting, since the scenes of destroyed buildings and panicked crowds have a whiff of authenticity that edges the movie into allegorical territory"

(Arendt; BBC; 2008)

A good quote from Paul Arendt who reviewed this film to be a proper film that will bring every viewer at the end of their seats watching this. Arendt also says that this film is similar to Godzilla that the producers of Cloverfield wanted to bring back the traditional monster movies.


Jackie said...

NAOMI!! The referencing under the images doesn't look much like the Harvard method to me! What's going on??

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Naomi: about the captions under your images: remove them immediately - and replace them with appropriate titles. You're treating this course like a hobby, Naomi - a 'fun place' (which it is and should be) - but I am also trying to develop your professionalism and your academic credibility. You're not fourteen years of age, and this blog isn't your facebook page; sort it out.