Friday, 17 December 2010

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Unit 3 - Twisted Corridor Image - Suggestions Please

A twisted corridor from a game called the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Would this be a good idea for me to use for my Environment project? But, it will be a room, not a corridor.

Unit 3 - EraserHead (1976 - 1977)

Directed by David Lynch. The film shows how Henry Spencer, the main character, going into madness from trying to survive in a industrial environment, dealing with his angry wife and the screams from his mutated child.

Watching this film from beginning to end, you cannot tell if it's just a nightmare or in reality as the scenes skip from one to another, making the film unable to get registered by viewers who are watching it.

(Lynch, David. (1976-1977). Still Image. (Accessed on 16th December 2010))

(Lynch, David. (1976-1977). Still Image. (Accessed on 16th December 2010))

The effects the film will do to the viewers is putting them off from having children by the use of horror and many strange events. The reason for it is to show what it's like to deal with children when your not married, and that your partner just leaves you to take all the responsibility as they cannot handle the cries of their child. The film tries to tell it's viewers that both partners are responsible for their child, no matter what. Leaving the child with one of the two parents, shows that they irresponsible.

(Lynch, David. (1976-1977). Still Image. (Accessed on 16th December 2010))

One of the scenes, you see Henry Spencer head being used to create erasers for pencils. This shows that his mind is slowing coming into maddness. Near the end, unable to control his maddness, he kills his child, showing confusion and what seems to be a depression or fear. Then hugging a girl for comfort before the end of the film.

(Lynch, David. (1976-1977). Still Image. (Accessed on 9th January 2011))

(Lynch, David. (1976-1977). Still Image. (Accessed on 9th January 2011))

Unit 3 - Textures Used in My Concept

Links that lead to sites where I obtained the texture brushes for my concept. The day I accessed them is on the 13th December 2010.

Unit 3 - The Twisted Room Concept 2

Made changes to the whole concept to make it less cartoony but still has the distortion effect.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Unit 3 - Repulsion (1965)

Directed by Roman Polanski, the director of The Tenant and Rosemary's baby. Home alone when her sister goes on holiday. Carole, with the fear of men, goes into a state of instanity of fantasies of seduction and rape.

The use of phobias in this film shows exactly why Carole is afraid of men. Also, she seems to get really frighten when the cracks in the walls appears. Like something is trying to break through to get her.

(Polanski, Roman. 1965. Still Image. (Accessed on 14th December 2010))

The part when the wall is moist and then the hands appeared out of them was something that made me jump a little as I was not expecting that. The music is something that helped to give the viewer that fright. If there was no music in the film at all, it wouldn't be a shock.

(Polanski, Roman. 1965. Still Image. (Accessed on 14th December 2010))

The fear of men that Carole had shows more in the film as she tries to back away from men by trying all sort of methods. Also, when she thinks they are trying to seduce her like the two men try to do, she just ended up killing them. However, the title of the film basically tells you that the main character who is a woman, finds men to be repulsive in many ways.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Unit 3 - The Twisted Room Concept 1

Unit 3 - Concept Developments

Unit 3 - Doodles

Unit 3 - Influence Maps 2

Twisted Style Influence Map

A style that would go great with anything that will give off an eerie feeling.

Chair Influence Map

Decided to do a modern type chair to give the room a eerie type feeling. Using chairs that are not modern seems to give the room something else than eerie.

Unit 3 - 3D Santa Hat

Unit 3 - The Tenant (1976)

Directed by Roman Polanski, the director of the movie called Rosemary's Baby. Trelkovsky rented an apartment in France where the previous tenant commited suicide and now is in hospital. He starts to begin suspicion, thinking that the neighbours are trying to get him to commit suicide also.

Polanski, Roman. 1976. Image Still. (Accessed on 13th December 2010)

The whole film basically shows at the time is that people who are close to the previous tenant that caused suicide, shows it will happen again to another person who will rent the room where it all happened. Same with Rosemary's Baby however, the difference is that it doesn't involve suicide with the main character but it features those who worship Satan who live in apartments in the same building.

Polanski, Roman. 1976. Image Still. (Accessed on 13th December 2010)

Monaco, Alessandro. The Tenant. (Accessed on 13th December 2010)

Yet again, this film also features maddness when the main character starts seeing events that are happening only to them and no one else. Rosemay's Baby was like that, but trying to ask someone for help, they thought she was crazy. The neighbours knew about it but pretended that they didn't at all. The Tenant, it was different. The main character went into maddness when seeing things that the previous tenant does and gets in her daily life and also the events she had before committed suicide.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Unit 3 - Rosemary's Baby (1968)

Directed by Roman Polanski. A couple moves into a new apartment with friendly neighbours. Later, Rosemary becomes pregnant and being protective of her unborn child, she faces many events happening in her life.

The film shows the main character going into madness like those in the films, The Haunting, Repulsion, and The Tenant. Maddness was caused by seeing something that doesn't fit anywhere in the puzzle. For example, Rosemary started to get suspicious by the drugs, food and drinks that she was given by her neighbour as it was giving her a strange effect.

(Polanski, Roman. 1968. Image Still. (10 December 2010))

What really amazes me in this film is that it shows the instinct of a female, making sure of her unborn child's safety by making sure she gets the right vitimins and minerals for her child's health.

"Mia Farrow plays an innocent, naive woman, who mature's overnight, in lieu of her motherly instinct in reaction to losing her child."
(TheTwistedLiver; 2003)

(Polanski, Roman. 1968. Image Still. (10 December 2010))

The amusing part in the film was when Rosemary locked the front door to the apartment to not let the neightbours and her husband in, thinking that they want her child. However, what she hasn't noticed that they came through another door, placed in a storage room that the previous owner who lived in the apartment before her death, blocked it off with a cabinet.

(Polanski, Roman. 1968. Image Still. (10 December 2010))

In overall, this film shows what it's like to be in the eyes of a pregnant woman, in need to protect her unborn child from those who worship Satan, but what she calls them are Witches.