Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Unit 3 Re-Submission - Finished Final Piece

The lighting coming out of the window is part of the Matte Painting.

Unit 3 Re-Submission - Matte Painting <-- where I got the cloud photoshop brush from.

Unit 3 Re-Submission - Finished Lighting

Unit 3 Re-Submission - Light Tests

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Monday, 14 February 2011

Unit 4 - IOR


Unit 4 - Sketches 1

Unit 4 - 3D Pan Shot Animation

Unit 4 - Introduction to Essay

The essay will explore the relationship between Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope (1948) and its structure. The enquiry will be focused on the use of real-time and continuous editing. The assignment will begin by looking into different styles of editing, uses of sound, lighting, and camera shots, before looking at Alfred Hitchcock’s film Rope (1948). In conclusion, the essay will examine the relationship between the film and its structure. The resources for this essay are Rope (1948) by Alfred Hitchcock, Film Directing Shot by Shot: Visualizing from Concept to Screen by Steven D. Katz, Filmmaking for Dummies by Bryan Michael Stoller, Creative Filmmaking From Inside Out by Jed Dannenbaum, Carroll Hodge and Doe Mayer, and Cinematography Screencraft by Peter Ettedgui. Additional resources will be an article called Hidden in Plain Sight by Chris Wisniewski on the film Rope (1948).

Unit 4 - The Logline

This is a story of an inventor who had created a high-tech deck chair. After testing it, he ended up with a problem on trying to open it up again. He goes over to his wooden chest to get out equipment that hopefully will help him open his deck chair once more. Will he be able to open it successfully? Or will it fail miserably?

Unit 4 - The Premise

It is a story about an inventor and his deck chair.

Unit 4 - Detailed Storyline

The Inventor and his Deck Chair

Unit 4 - Influence Maps 5

As I wanted to make my inventor an elf, I went looking for references of one and manage to find two elf images. The rest are just more examples of an Inventor.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Unit 4 - The Birds (1963)

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Melanie Daniels goes and returns the favor to Mitch at Bodega Bay who played a joke on her. As she stayed around for a couple of days, the birds of all species started to act strangely. Attacking anyone who is outside their own homes, meaning the people have to get their survival skills ready.

How the movie shows it's title, it uses camera shots of birds in many species. Defiantly Crows and Seagulls. The camera shots like to use what it is known as a Pre-Viz. Having conversations that shows half of the full body view to the shoulder view. However, the pre-viz shots are used for those that are not in conversations like to Full View, Half View and Head View, also Pan shots were used as well.

(Hitchcock, Alfred. (1963). The Birds. (Accessed 11th February 2011))

(Hitchcock, Alfred. (1963). The Birds. (Accessed 11th February 2011))

(Hitchcock, Alfred. (1963). The Birds. (Accessed 11th February 2011))

(Hitchcock, Alfred. (1963). The Birds. (Accessed 11th February 2011))

As Alfred Hitchcock does with his films, he added a surprise to make us think what was the reason for the birds to attack the first place. Many viewers look at it and try to think of the most obvious solution and that is the love birds. It cannot be that the birds will attack as no one in the film harmed them so the soloution may have to be the love birds. The crows, seagulls, etc, in Bodega Bay may have seen the love birds and went on an attacking spree to tell the humans to free those two love birds.

Beside that, the narrative of this is the threat is coming off these birds are unexpected and uncontrollable. Outside the film, the birds are completely harmless but inside the film itself, they are used as a threat which creates the uncanny. What makes them fearful is that Hitchcock used the familiar to create a fear that the characters will be afraid of for a long time.

(Hitchcock, Alfred. (1963). The Birds. (Accessed 11th February 2011))

(Hitchcock, Alfred. (1963). The Birds. (Accessed 11th February 2011))

"The idea of birds, a type of animal that isn't aggressive, attacking humans despite living with us for millions of years is preposterous and is never likely to happen. However; it is here where the film's horror potency lies. Birds live with us in harmony; we're so used to them that for the most part we don't even realise that they're there, and the idea of something that we don't notice suddenly becoming malicious is truly terrifying."
(The_Void; 2004)

To add things up, this film shows the narrative of women of being birds, the reason for that as at the beggining, you see Melaine wanting to buy a bird at the pet shop until she brought two love birds for Mitch who she took to his home at Bodega Bay. As you see her trying to get a bird out of its cage in the pet shop but escaped from her hand, you start to realise that the fear of birds that the film shows later on, came from her. Allowing young viewers to watch this is not recommended for them as it will give them fear towards birds on how this horrific film shows it in a narrative way.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Unit 4 - Psycho (1960)

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. After Marion ran away with $40,000. She comes across a hotel that is runned by Norman who has been under domination by his mother for too long.

Psycho is a great movie for doing an essay on for Unit 3 and 4. However, Rope is the one film I am going for. Anyway, the storyline for this film is very well done and understandable with the use of murder like the film Rope has. The film also has editing from switching areas, environments and characters. The film Rope doesn't have no editing and is just a continuing shot.

(Hitchcock, Alfred. (1948). Rope. (Accessed 8th February 2011))

Hitchcock, Alfred. (1960). Psycho. (Accessed 8th February 2011))

(Hitchcock, Alfred. (1960). Psycho. (Accessed 8th February 2011))

Inside the hotel rooms is very uncanny as there is quite some shadows around. Making it look like someone is watching you or hiding in the shadows to get you. When Marion went to take her shower, the music pretty much tells you something is going to happen which then did. Inside the house is uncanny when Marion's sister enters the mother's bedroom and basement.

Anyway, the start of the film, Alfred Hitchcock made one of the characters to show less motivation on purpose while the other one has much more motivation as the character is important in the storyline. This gives it away to the viewers watching this horrific film as it shows that the characters that show less motivation than others will properly get murdered first before the others do.

Less Motivation.

More Motivation

(Hitchcock, Alfred. (1960). Psycho. (Accessed 11th February 2011))

(Hitchcock, Alfred. (1960). Psycho. (Accessed 11th February 2011))

"The movie's only shortcoming is that one of the characters seems to have little motivation in the first act of the movie but as the story progresses, you realize that Hitchcock (GENIUS! GENIUS! GENIUS!) in a stroke of genius has done this on purpose, because there is another character whose motivations are even more important. Vitally important."
(LoveCoates; 2001)

Hitchcock also made the film in black and white so that it is suitable for younger viewers as it doesn't show blood and gore. The scene of the shower room tries to show that when the women is stabbed, though she is not literally not. Hitchcock wants his viewers to look closly to his work than the blood and gore involved with the use of murder. Like the film Rope, the killer will try everything to not get detected.

(Hitchcock, Alfred. (1960). Psycho. (Accessed 11th February 2011))

Unit 4 - 3D Bouncing Ball Animation 1

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Unit 4 - Story 2


Entering the cellar to find an inventor who just finished inventing his deck chair.


He tests it by closing the deck chair but, fails to open it up again.


He gives up on trying to open it and leaves. However, once he left, the deck chair suddenly opens by surprise.

This is what me and Dmitrij agreed on over on Skype. It seems to show the character to be an inventor and it's uses with the choosen environment I recieved. The first idea did in a way but doesn't show that the character is the inventor.

Will do a more detailed story of this.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Unit 4 - Story 1

My first idea of my story before it was changed by the help from my partner Dmitrij and supporter Jackie.


The inventor looking out of the window, wanting to sunbathe at the beach, but releases he has a deck chair in the cellar.


The inventor looks for his deck chair the hard way because of the pile of boxes he has around his cellar before tripping over.


The inventor realises he tripped over the deck chair and takes it to the beach which he soon was sunburnt as he forgot to bring his sun lotion.

Unit 3 - Final Piece Re-Submission - Lighting Tests

Lighting tests before final product.