Thursday, 24 March 2011

Unit 5 - Timeline - Lotte Reiniger (1899 - 1981)

Lotte Reiniger was born in Berlin 1899 to cultured parents. At a young age, she spent most of her time, creating silhouettes for her home-made shadow theatre. She self-taught herself on creating silhouettes by taking the ancient art of shadow plays. The start of silhouette animations started and ended with her and did not carried out any further than that. There is no trace of the original she had when she created her animations so all that is left is copies ones after another, lacking small details in the work.

She created an animation called Cinderella which was released in 1922. This animation shows that she was longing to create animations back in her earlier age which was the reason she started to be a silhouette animator.

The same animation came out in 1954 with voice acting which now telles its audience what they are saying. The animation in the 1922 didn't had that but, you can see the characters mouths moving seeing that they are talking. However, putting voices into animations weren't developed yet.

The animation reminds me when my class did a shadow play which we have to present to the whole school. The play only had a voice over on what is going on but no lip scyning was involved, neither was body movement in the puppets. This animation was the only one that brought back the ancient art of silhouettes before dying off again as it was not very popular. In my view, the use of silhouettes will properly be brought up from the dead and maybe get popular like a art genre.

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