Thursday, 3 March 2011

Unit 4 - Updated Storyline

Entering a dim lighted cellar, only to find an inventor at his desk, who seems to be inventing his best creation yet, the deck chair. As he finishes adding the finishes touches, he takes the deck chair off his desk and puts it down on the floor. He starts his first test by seeing if it closes up properly, which it did. His second test is to see if it will open up again to its proper form. However, when he tried to do so, it failed.

He goes over to a wooden chest and opens it. He puts his hand in to pull out what seems to be a crowbar. He goes over to his closed up deck chair and uses the crowbar to force it to open. It failed. He throws the crow bar behind him and goes over to the chest again to take out a sonic screwdriver. He runs over to the deck chair and tries to take the deckchair apart but fails to do so. He throws the screwdriver behind him before heading towards the chest, yet again, and takes out a laser gun. He shoots the deckchair but it reflects in another direction, missing him. He heads over to the chest and takes out a controller.
He laughs evilly before turning the controller on. Using the control stick on the controller, a robot comes out from the darkness of the cellar to the unopened deck chair. He presses varies of buttons on the controller to make the robot to grab the deck chair to open it up. The attempt failed as the robot goes into overload before shutting down.

He gets angry and grabs his sandwich that was on his desk and throws it at the deck chair. After that, he goes over and kicks it before leaving. A few second s later, after the inventor had left, the deck chair surprisingly opens up with ease.

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