Monday, 31 January 2011

Unit 4 - Influence Maps 2

Light Bulb Influence Map

Barrel Influence Map

Cardboard Box Influence Map

These are the items to go with the environment but has no role in the storyboard.

Unit 4 - Influence Maps 1

Deck Chair Influence Map

Cellar Influence Map

I have not yet started with the character's influence map as I don't know if he/she should be a hybrid or a human being. I was thinking of my character on being a hybrid, if I can find a certain animal which suits to be an inventor by it's instincts, kinda. Suggestions of what animal is suitable to be an inventor are welcome.

Unit 4 - Story Telling

Environment: Cellar

Character: Inventor

Object: Deck Chair

These are the three things I got to create my Storyboard with as well as the script.

For my environment and object, I will use a certain style to make them look uncanny. The character will be created using my very own style, not the style my environment and object will be in. This will make it look like the character it's not apart of the environment itself.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Unit 3 - Blue Velvet (1986)

Directed by David Lynch. After coming back to his home town since being away for a long time, he discovered an ear in a field near his hometown. Soon he started to discover more horrific things at a certain apartment owned by a beautiful, yet mysterious women, being abused by a dangerous and violent man.

Maddness doesn't seem to effect the main character much but the violent man, Frank, and the beautiful woman, Dorothy. The reason why is that Dorothy has an obsess over getting hit by men and as well as sexual activities on seducing men like Jeffrey. Frank seems to have an obsess with the music Blue Velvet as well as the material and also sexual activities on seducing Dorothy that seems to be like he is raping her. He also seems to put the Blue Velvet material in people's mouths to shut them up so he can do whatever to them.

(Lynch, David. (1986). Blue Velvet.

(Lynch, David. (1986). Blue Velvet.

(Lynch, David. (1986). Blue Velvet.

(Lynch, David. (1986). Blue Velvet.

The uncanny that comes in the film is the apartment building and inside, and Dorothy's flat. The reason for it is that the apartment building from the outside seem to look old and abandon though it's not. Inside the apartment building along the corriors, it's all slightly dark and eerie, not knowing what will come at you. Dorothy's flat shows the uncanniness of it by the use of lighting in the rooms.

(Lynch, David. (1986). Blue Velvet.

(Lynch, David. (1986). Blue Velvet.

(Lynch, David. (1986). Blue Velvet.

"First of all, the way David Lynch makes Blue Velvet increasingly disturbing is a perfect example of how pristine the dynamics of weirdness and tension are built (remember Eraserhead and Elephant Man)."

(auberus; 2004)

As the quote explains, Blue Velvet shows its disturbing images and as well as for its weirdness the same way Eraserhead and Elephant Man in their own way. One shows what it is like being in an industrial area with a child and a wife, while the other shows the horror of being different to everyone else.

Unit 3 - The Shining (1980)

Directed by Stanley Kubrick. A family of three became caretakers of an isolated hotel for the winter. During their stay, the father goes into maddness by the presence of evil spiritual ghosts, telling him to 'correct' his family. His son with a physic gift which is also called the shining, sees horrific images of the past and future.

Trying to understand the film at the beginning was hard until you carry on watching it further on. You start to see signs of maddness from the father by stress, overworked, nightmares, seeing things and getting told by a ghost who died also from maddness.

(Kubrick, Stanley. (1980) The Shining.

The places that seems to be 'uncanny', would be the corridors, the room 237, the gold room and the labyrinth. The reason why as the corridors look like something will come right out of the corner. The room 237 is where the butler, Philip Stone, his wife and two daughters were staying until their deaths. The gold room is where the father, Jack, meets the ghosts including the butler. The labyrinth turns uncanny when Jack was chasing after his son, Danny, with an axe until Danny escaped. The next day, Jack was seen to be dead in the Labyrinth from the cold night as well as having a broken leg.

(Kubrick, Stanley. (1980) The Shining.

(Kubrick, Stanley. (1980) The Shining.

(Kubrick, Stanley. (1980) The Shining.

"Frightening because of the extraordinarily effective use of long shots to create feelings of isolation, convex lens shots to enhance surrealism, and meticulously scored music to bring tension levels to virtually unbearable levels."
(us012862; 2000)

As the quote explains, the use of long shots, angles to create a surrealism and distorted effect which will give the viewer watching the film a taste of horror and fright.

Unit 3 - Empty Room (Unfinished)

Empty Room with No Textures

Chair Textured

Wall, Window Sill and Frame Textured

Skirtings Textured

Wall Re-Textured

Floor Textured and Skirting Change of Texture

Textures Fixed Using Planar Mapping

Fixed Texture Again for Window Sill

Added Light

Experimented With Environment Outside Window

Angle 1

Angle 2

Angle 3

The last thing I need to do know is add the Matte Painting.