Thursday, 10 March 2011

Unit 5 - Story Development 1

First off, I started to think of a story when the furtive blimp is trying to hide away from getting bombed by German planes. The reason for this is that blimps were used in the 2nd world war to protect important buildings like schools from low leveled bombings.

The City of London Bowling Club. (1939-1945). (Accessed on 10th March 2011)

These type of blimps are known as barrage balloon. This photo was taken at the London Bowling Club between 1939 to 1945.

My idea started to change as the thought of a blimp balloon got me an idea that it would easily burst if something sharp would to puncher it. How I am going to bring that to my story was simple. A bird. (2008). (Accessed on 10th 2011)

Heart of England Raptors. (2011). (Accessed on 10th 2011)

Birds are known to have sharp talons to penetrate their prey or to get a good grip on something like a tree branch. A bird's beak comes in many different shapes and sizes depending on the bird and the type of food they eat.

My other idea of a story which I am quite proud of is when the balloon blimp is floating happily before seeing a flock of birds heading his way. He tries to hide in various of places until he found the perfect hiding point to get out of trouble. After the bird flock left, he comes out of hiding in relief before bursting when a bird, who is left behind from the flock, penetrates through the blimp. The blimp crashes down who soons starts to sob.

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Jackie said...

Hello! I'm not sure that your story gets across the idea of 'furtive' the moment he is just hiding to avoid puncture, whereas being furtive involves being a bit sneaky about something. Maybe going back to the war theme, you could have him involved in a bit of spying...? Also, don't forget that you have to draw all the images, so a flock of birds in flight might be a bit ambitious...:)
Keep the ideas coming! And get your sketches uploaded so that people can feedback on them too!