Thursday, 24 March 2011

Unit 5 - Sketches 4


Jackie said...

Morning! I have just realised that you haven't actually drawn a 'threat' in any of your sketches! What is the blimp hiding from?

Axil said...

The searchlights which I did put into my drawings. Do you want me to draw the lighting from the searchlights in a different way?

Jackie said...

The searchlights would have been the good guys! :)
The blimp and the searchlights would have been on the same side...the searchlights were looking out for enemy aircraftor other Zeppelins, so the blimp would have wanted to avoid the lights so as not to be spotted by a plane...maybe you could have a menacing plane silhouetted in the sky and getting lit occasionally by the beam of light?
On the other hand, I suppose the blimp could be an enemy blimp trapped in London, trying to escape withpout getting spotted...that sounds like a better idea, actually! These are the sort of discussions you should be having with Domantas!