Monday, 28 March 2011

Unit 5 - Storyline Revised

-The scene starts by seeing the full view of the city with searchlights before zooming in to where the Blimp is.

-The blimp is trying to escape the city.
-The blimp hides in several buildings in London.
-The blimp peeks out from behind a building, making sure it's clear before heading up and hiding behind a cloud.
-The blimp goes from cloud to cloud, still avoiding the searchlights.
-The blimp manages to get out of the city and into the open.

-A head shot of the blimp as it sighs in relief.
-A shot of the bird as it lands on the blimp.
-The shot shows the bird about to peck it before the whole scene turns black.
-You hear the Blimp burst before hearing the Bird laugh.

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Jackie said...

Looking forward to seeing this as an animatic! :)