Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Unit 2 - King Kong (1933)

Directed by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack. The first King Kong movie that involves stop motion animation to create the movements of King Kong himself and other creatures. I love stop motion animation as it's a unusual thing for me when I first seen it when I was young. I was so curious on how they made it until I came into college. I was told how they do it by my tutor and then I made my own. But it was in 2D, in the film however, is giving the effect that it's in 3D.

"We can all be grateful he encountered Willis O'Brien (who was working on his own dinosaur film- Creation) and decided to produce Kong and the monsters of Skull Island using stop-motion."
(ramaken33, King Kong 1933, IMDb, 2004.)

The environment was amazing. It feels like the actors were in it though part of the background and the creatures were on a screen, to give it an illusion that they were in the actual thing. Also it was dark most of the time, not because it's black and white, you can tell by the contrast of it.

"Andrew Lesnie's cinematography looks stunning, and the movie is generally full of stunning backgrounds and set designs."
(UlrikOne, King Kong 1933, IMDb, 2006.)

The use of the planes near the end of the movie is brilliant as well. I guess the creators properly did the planes using unseeable strings or in stop motion. Anyway, this film relates to Beauty and the Beast seeing that King Kong likes Ann as well as the death scene. Just like in Beauty and the Beast but the beast is revived and then had a happy ever after. King Kong didn't, leaving a unhappy ever after but for Ann. she didn't as she fell in love with John.

"Oh no, it wasn't the airplanes. It was Beauty killed the Beast."
(ramaken33, King Kong 1933, IMDb, 2004.)

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