Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Unit 2 - Dark Crystal (1982)

Directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz. The storyline of the film was not so great, but the environemnt and character design were absolutely georgous seeing how dark they are. The environment also includes vegetation that seems strangly alike with the environment in Avatar (2009) as well as the boring storyline. Also, by looking at the film like you are watching it when it first came out, it seems to have cost quite a lot for making the puppets and getting hold of special effects needed. Similar to what Avatar needed to make the movie.

"But the Level of sophistication compared with the technology of the time is astounding. This movie must have been for the eighties as AVATAR is for today. Must have spent a huge budget on this one."

The characters were designed very nicely with the details and also with the dark feeling to them. Possibility that Frank was influenced by the work of Tim Burton, who always give his movies that type of creepiness. The castle environment where the dark crystal awaits has a dark touch to it also. The Skeksis however, seem to look more darker than any other character that is featured in the film as they are the evil masterminds in the whole plot. Also, they seem to be quite more familar to Tim Burton's characters than the others are.

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