Monday, 22 November 2010

Unit 2 - Avatar (2009)

Directed by James Cameron. This film was the one that changed cinema for life on how it views 3D. The graphics are beyond amazing, seeing how realistic it was. The enivironment is absolutely georgous in its own aspects. I can't think of a word to explain about how great the movie is. There seem to be more people who like Avatar is not because of the storyline but the amazing graphics. Those who complain about Avatar because of the storyline just don't get it's amaziness.

"Now this movies graphics are gorgeous, everything is so real, the 3D just adds to the effect beautifully without distracting you."
(miruleyall: 2009)

"I was lucky to see Avatar at a pre-screening a few hours ago. It completely blew me and the whole room away and i dare to say it will do so to 80% of any audience anywhere. The remaining 20%, who always finds something to complain about, will whine about character development, dialog, story or the pop-corn."
(Balazs Jedovszky: 2009)

The storyline is boring, like the Dark Crystal but the graphics and technology used is brilliant. It's like they used every bit of technology we have to offer to create this fantastic film. Like how Metropolis (1927) managed to get the technology needed to create their film.

The storyline is somehow related to Pocahontas, like when the Human Beings/English Soldiers came to a new world/land and met with the America Natives/Na'vi there. It's also the same with the romance involved, like Pocahontas/Neytiri falls in love with John/Jake. The personalities suit them as well. Neytiri cares for nature while Jake doesn't until he becomes dear to it.

The effects used are brilliant. Without these effects, it wouldn't look realistic at all. These effects are the only thing need to create a fantastic film like Avatar. The same how Metropolis uses the effects s well.

Not to be confused with a sensational bravura performance from some of the centuries best such as Marion Brando, Tom Hanks, or Diane Keaton; these actors along with the director inhabit these visual transformations with special effects as if they are have lived these beings all their lives.
(Clayton Davis: 2009)

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