Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Unit 2 - Preparatory Studies for 1st Concept Piece 1

This was a brief idea at the time when developing my first concept image. When I was told that the book was published 50 years before we know what the moon looked like on the surface, I decided to take the craters away. The Moon plants I did on this image was changed soon after as well as the position of the rocks.

These were the ideas of what my moon plant would look like for the first concept piece. I mixed it up with about two plants and a weed to create it.

Created the background and then added sketches of the plants as well as the seeds. However, I decided to change the seeds to look less of the seeds of a dandilion. The plants were changed slightly with the piosition of the leaves.

When I thought I was finished, I forgot about the fog that was mentioned in the book so I added it in.

The fog didn't look right so I decided to change it to make it look like one is overlapping the other from front and back of the front rocks and plant near the bottom part of the image.

When I have finished doing the fog, I realised a few plant seeds have gone from the front part of the rocks so I added them. It's properly because I accidently removed the layer with them on or erased it.

Added the seeds that were left out and in the progress, I didn't like the whole thing. As what I was told, the moon looks too flat and needs to lessen down with the brightness of the colour. The plants look absolutely terrible and liked the first design better.

Redone the whole thing. Created my image and cropped it smaller to make it bigger. Used solid coolours and shaded in to be ready for colouring.

Added colour and then the plants. Didn't like the plants at all so I redone them.

Added more stuff like the glowing seeds, fog, mountains, rock textures, shadows and the redrawn and coloured plants. I would say this is much better than the other one.

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