Monday, 8 November 2010

Unit 2 - Barbarella (1968)

Directed by Roger Vadim. This film gives off a dark feeling by the sceneries of the labyrinth and the dark city. The characters in the Labyrinth gives off an eerie feeling by what they are combined with. For example, rocks, cobwebs, and more. However, that wasn't the only thing that gave off the eerie atmosphere. Arms, heads and half of bodies are shown in the rocky walls of the labyrinth.

The characters in the dark city feels like your in a pub or in other words, a night club which shows why the film has sexual content. That is because Barbarella is easy seduced by helping other men.

"Therefore our heroine conveys the sexual tension as a wholesome antidote to the more depraved denizens of The City of Night that she ends up exploring, exhibiting two sides to sexuality, the dark and the light."
(Clark, Graeme. Barbarella Review(1968). (Accessed on 9th November 2010))

This review also includes that Barbarella does this for not just repaying for helping the men out but used as an antidote. For example, giving Pygar the will to fly.

The environment is eerie just like the labyrinth but has more of it by the way people look at you like your an outcast. The use of drugs in the film shows that the whole story is showing the cult of the sixties though it is based on the future.

"BARBARELLA is cheaply laid out and stacked with plenty of unimportant and wasteful segments which happily zap your time. But the movie is importantly funny with all of the sex, drugs and rock n' roll as it is what the sixties were about."
(Deschenes, Rob. Barbarella (1968)-IMDb user review. (Accessed on 9th November 2010))

Like the review said, the sixties were all over with the use of drugs, rock music and sex. The film is just like that but the drugs are used in a sexual term. For example, when Babarella uses a pill to have sex, it's like using a condom so you won't get any sexual transmited diseases and the part when it features some women smoking man instead of weed.

The part with the dolls was brilliant, just like a horror movie. It is what gives the film more of a horror than just a sci-fi in genre.

"I'm a horror fan myself and that scene is just as creepy as it gets."
(Garcia, Luis. Barbarella (1968)-IMDb user review. (Accessed on 8th November 2010))

Like the reviewn I quoted, this scene is as creepy as the rest which I have to agree on by the way the dolls are designed.

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