Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Unit 2 - Preparatory Studies for 2nd Concept Piece 1

This is what I started first as a brief idea on what's inside the moon. I was practicing with the blocking of cave walls to look rocky.

Started another canvas and got into drawing the cave walls and the metal bridge. I also tested some shading to the bridge which I am pretty proud off. So I continued with it that made it slightly 3D-ish.

Next, I coloured it in and tested with the lighting of the blue light, mentioned in the book. Didn't like it so I tried the same technique I did with the sun on my first concept piece.

Using the colour dodge to create the blue light affect I am after, it turned out well than the effect I did before. However, it was too blue so I blended it with the actual colours that the cave walls and the bridge should be giving the effect now.

When the book mentions water drips falling into the gratings into the astronauts prison, it's more likely they came above on the cave walls and ceiling so I added that. I tried my best with the water drip effect but I'll ask Phil about it in Photoshop.

Added crystals to my piece while making the water drips less distracting to the viewer.

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