Thursday, 4 November 2010

Unit 2 - Concept Practice

This is my second concept practice I did to see how well I can do inside of caves. It's not finished and only did the cave walls using lighter and darker tones of blue. That is because of the blue light that the astronauts talk about nearly all the time while inside the moon.

My first concept practice with outside of the moon. Suppose to be like earth but rocky. The only vegetation it has is the moon plants growing around the area. This image came out as one of the astronaut's talk about seeing a plant that couldn't be seen well because of the sun blinding him. He also talks about the sun reflecting onto the moon in an amber colour, making the shadows look like they are dark purple. I haven't got to the shadows yet but when I tried to, I got irratated.

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tutorphil said...

I like this bottom image - keep working at it Naomi!