Sunday, 31 October 2010

Unit 2 - Metropolis (1927)

Directed by Fritz Lang. This film gives a sci-fi feeling as it's based on the future and has a mixture of drama and adventure. Also, it gives a thiller feeling when some of the workers get killed below the city, managing the machines. The workers manage the machines like they are a disabled person, unable to manage itself. If not manage, chaos will arose, letting off hot steam that kills the workers managing it. This film is like a Tim Burton's movie as it changes from normal to dark when your below the city. However, it's not like that at all from the city above as it's not dark and eerie but bright and beautiful.

"Yet, if you look at the basic elements of this movie - its story, characters, artwork, cinematography, etc., I believe this movie has just as much to offer now as it must have in the late 1920's."
(ACitizenCalledKane, Metropolis (1927), IMDb, 2004.)

The effects used in the film was amazing and still are on what they manage to get out of it to make this film. The technology shown in the film were all made as in there time, there is no such thing as a super computer. However, they managed to do it to create this masterpiece.

"I don't think any movie after this one have gotten so much out of the available effects of the time as this one."
(cartman_1337, Metropolis (1927), IMDb, 1999.)

"Imagine trying to make a movie today with only the tools available to Fritz Lang in 1925, and even if you used a modern camcorder it would be nigh impossible!"
((, Metropolis (1927), IMDb, 1998.)

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