Saturday, 5 February 2011

Unit 4 - Story 1

My first idea of my story before it was changed by the help from my partner Dmitrij and supporter Jackie.


The inventor looking out of the window, wanting to sunbathe at the beach, but releases he has a deck chair in the cellar.


The inventor looks for his deck chair the hard way because of the pile of boxes he has around his cellar before tripping over.


The inventor realises he tripped over the deck chair and takes it to the beach which he soon was sunburnt as he forgot to bring his sun lotion.


Drunk Rabbit said...

This story could really look good. The only things is that the third part is a bit off. He finds the deck chair and goes to the beach. That sounds good. But the sunburn is a bit overkill. If he could just find the chair in some funny way after a stressed out search and then just enjoy the beach would be fine. Though i might be off myself here,i'd like to know Phil's opinion on this one.

Axil said...

Ah, okay. I may properly end it as tripping over the deck chair, knocking him unconscious. But, ending it when he is at the beach sounds good too. =3

Drunk Rabbit said...

Or when he looses conscious he starts dreaming about the beach?

Axil said...

Yeah, good idea Dmitrij. =3