Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Unit 4 - Influence Maps 3

Character Influence Map Part 1

Character Influence Map Part 2

Character Influence Map Part 3

Using the influences here. I have found the right inventor for my story telling project. The character will have robotic spider legs, to show that the character is an inventor. The spider monkey shows what the character will be like and also, they are quite similar to a human being by their genes. Pictures of different inventors gives me a rough idea on what type of clothing they wear.

I will do the character in different ways to give me a variety of choices to pick from.


Jackie said...

Naomi - don't forget that every element in your story has to have a reason for being there... your audience at the moment may be wondering WHY your inventor is a cross between a spider, a monkey and a man in a lab coat! I would argue that a hybrid like this is more likely to be the result of a failed experiment maybe, and not necessarily the inventor himself. What do you think? These are really the sorts of ideas that you should be discussing with your writing partner...!

Drunk Rabbit said...

Naomi try sketching out the proffesor first in normal form. First start thinking what kind visual language makes this man a proffesor and then try adding something that would fit a proffesor. If you want the proffesor to be some how related to a spider,you might want to try less hybridisation. Just make him tall,skinny with a creepy long arms. In some way a person like that can seem like a spider during work.

You can add anything you want as long as you support him as the factor that he is supposed to be and as long as you are able to explain why is hi the way he is.

Jackie said...

Good suggestions, Dmitrij! :) Naomi, have you had a look at D's ideas? I'm sure he'd appreciate some feedback too!

Axil said...

That is a good suggestion, Dmitrij. =) I shall see what will come out at the end of it.