Thursday, 3 February 2011

Unit 4 - Influence Maps 4

Robotic Octopus Arms Influence Map

Inventor's Hair Influence Map

Inventor's Goggles Influence Map

Inventor's Clothing Influence Map

I would have to say, I adore the goggles with the hypnotic look to them as it gives off a crazy look. I would change the colour of the goggles to green, dunno why but it shows more of the craziness than the red does.

The clothing for the inventor needs to be a lab coat, white shirt and bowtie. It gives it a inventor look. The bowtie might need to have a red pattern to it. Having it black is too much of a boring colour.

As what Dmitrij suggested, giving my inventor robotic octopus like arms seem to be a good way of showing that he needs more hands to create his inventions.

The hair has to be messy, to show that the inventor had some accidents when trying to get his inventions to work. Having a beard would look weird so I'm not going to add that.


Drunk Rabbit said...

I think the idea with the goggles is pretty sweet. Cause we see examples of inventors using them really often like in Back to the Future or in The Fly.

The additional arms can make a great effect on the viewer if they see that a scientist can do multi-tasking with those arms.

Another example of arms for additional work can be found in a cartoon called Invader Zim. The main character is an alien which is also a scientist in a sense and he always carries a backpack with him out which these robotic like bug-legs that help him either move around or do science stuff.

Here's a nice sketch of the thing:

Axil said...

Defiantly. =3

Yep, which can inspire any artist if they decided to do a scientist or inventor type character. Properly a bad guy too.

That is a nice sketch of it. I may consider on doing legs of those for my inventor.

Jackie said...

Think about what we discussed yesterday, Naomi - I think it is more important for you to get some story ideas out there for feedback...once you have a story,that will shape what your inventor will need to look like. Remember what I said about there needing to be some sort of problem or conflict to drive the story? And remember to think about the problem people have with deckchairs...!The more different ideas you can put out there for people to see, the better!