Monday, 18 October 2010

Unit 1 - Slice (2009)

Directed by Vincenzo Natali, two young scientists by the name of Clive and Elsa, created new creatures for medical reasons by splicing multiple genes. In secret, they continued their work but added the human gene, creating a creature which they called Dren. Day by day, Dren grows quickly to a fully grown adult and gains intelligence along the way. Soon after, Dren seduces Clive and had sex when she saw him and Elsa doing it some days ago. When Elsa saw this, she decided to take responsibility and to terminate her. However, the next day, they thought Dren had died and buried her but what they didn't notice that she was having a hormone change, making her into a male. Dren escaped where he was buried and killed the two scientist's supervisor and Clive's younger brother.

Dren chased and pinned Elsa to the ground and raped her. Clive stabs Dren with a tree branch while Dren attacked him with her poisonous stinger, killing him immediately. Dren being in pain, Elsa finished him off with a rock. Five minutes to the end of the film, you see Elsa pregnant with Clive's baby and a female supervisor, signing a form to never mention the project they created to anyone.

This film relates to another film called "The Fly", but doesn't involve anything with teleportation pods.

Quote 1: "Dren's hormone soon changes her, changing her into a male specie."

Quote 2: "Look, it's aging fast, days going by in minutes."

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