Monday, 4 October 2010

Unit 1 - The Company of Wolves (1984)

This film was rather interesting and has some relations with a children's book called, "Little Red Riding Hood". What's different about them both is that the book, Granny gets eaten by the wolf but a wood cutter comes along and takes her out of the wolf's stomach, replace her with rocks and live happily ever after, while for the film, Granny gets killed by a wolf and Rosaleen has turned into a wolf. Once killed by a wolf, someone closed to you will turn into one. The wood cutter wasn't featured anywhere in the film. The story is confusing as you can't tell if it's telling from reality or a nightmare. However, the stories Granny told Rosaleen shows loss of innocence and fear/hunger for sexuallity which are all twisted into dreamlike shapes.

The film is not a proper horror movie, instead, it's more of a multiple tale about growing up to be a full grown adult. So, it is basically telling you about is to be wise and think carefully on what your answers will be.

This film relates to the Company of Wolves film but it involves not just men, women as well. How the transformation begins if that individual is angry, sad, sees flashing lights or asked to be changed by the Spirit of the Tasmanian Wolf who died in 1960 as it was the last. The Company of Wolves however, the individual changes by the full moon or whenever he/she pleases.

Where it has been featured is in the forest and a little village. Howling however, is featured in a city and the country side.

Three quotes in italics from the film and three answers on what they mean by my own words.

1. Seeing a normal wolf may not be a wolf at all but a man in a different form. When they bite, they will kill you like your in a nightmare or turn you into a wolf as well.

Quote 1: "A wolf may be more than he seems, the worst kind of wolves are hairy on the inside and when they bite you they drag you with them to Hell."

2. Never stop for a stranger you do not know and never trust them either. They may look innocent but they may turn on you in any second.

Quote 2: Little Girls this seems to say, never stop along the way, never trust a stranger friend, no one knows where it will end, as your pretty so be wise, danger lurks in every guise, now as then tis simple truth, sweetest tongue hides sharpest tooth.

3. Always follow the path. Don't go wondering off deep into the woods.

Quote 3: Once you stray from the path you are lost forever.

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