Friday, 1 October 2010

Unit 1 - Cat People (1942)

Directed by Jacques Tourneur and written by DeWitt Bodeen. Oliver fell in love with Irena and got married. Irena knew she loved him but she fears that she will turn into a cat person as she believes in the ancient cursed stowed upon her homeland in Serbia. So, she tries not to intimate with him. Oliver sent Irena to a Psychiatrist called Dr. Judd, to help her to not worry about the curse as it's just a story. Alice, Oliver's work partner, has a crush on Oliver and Irena found out about it when she spots her with Oliver more than usual. This made her jealous and doesn't want to loose Oliver to Alice.

What I also realised in the film is the statue of Anubis in one of the scenes. I think the producers put it there to show that the film itself contains metamorphosis. Also, cat noises were heard in the film when Alice was walking her way through an ally way to reach a building were she goes swimming. When swimming alone in the pool, she hears the cry of a cat again but, she sees large shadows going across the white walls of the room. She cried for help but when help came, the cat noises and the shadows disappeared. Getting out, she found out that her robe was torn to pieces, which shows that Irena might be a cat women.

Three quotes in italics from the film and three answers on what they mean by my own words.

1. A thing what cats like is the dark. With their night vision, they won't have any difficulty seeing through the dark. When it comes to hunting, the night is the perfect place to do it as some animals can't see in the dark as well as cats do. Lioness's do it all the time which gives them an advantage.

Quote 1: "I like the dark. It's friendly."

2. A cat will know if your hiding something as cats can be curious animals. They like to explore. Dogs however, will only explore where their owners are. They will not go anywhere further.

Quote 2: "You can fool everybody, but landie dearie me, you can't fool a cat. They seem to know who's not right."

3. Alene believes she is stowed apon the ancient cursed in her homeland, allowing her to do certain things that a cat can do and no other woman cannot.

Quote 3: "She knew strange, fierce pleasures that no other woman could ever feel!"

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