Thursday, 16 December 2010

Unit 3 - Textures Used in My Concept

Links that lead to sites where I obtained the texture brushes for my concept. The day I accessed them is on the 13th December 2010.

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Jackie said...

Hi Naomi! Just thought I would post a few links for some of last years 1st years, with an idea of the sort of process you should be documenting... Ethan is a good example - he had a completely different idea originally, but after a lot of experimentation, he decided his idea wasn't working as an uncanny environment, so changed it over the xmas hols! Hope these help! Have a good Christmas :)

Ruben's uncanny hospital - scroll about half way down to find his process.

Ethan - 21st January, 8th January, 4th January and 16th December ...interesting to see how Ethan's ideas changed from just before the Christmas break (in fact - exactly a year ago!)

Jolanta - work backwards from the 21st January...