Monday, 13 December 2010

Unit 3 - The Tenant (1976)

Directed by Roman Polanski, the director of the movie called Rosemary's Baby. Trelkovsky rented an apartment in France where the previous tenant commited suicide and now is in hospital. He starts to begin suspicion, thinking that the neighbours are trying to get him to commit suicide also.

Polanski, Roman. 1976. Image Still. (Accessed on 13th December 2010)

The whole film basically shows at the time is that people who are close to the previous tenant that caused suicide, shows it will happen again to another person who will rent the room where it all happened. Same with Rosemary's Baby however, the difference is that it doesn't involve suicide with the main character but it features those who worship Satan who live in apartments in the same building.

Polanski, Roman. 1976. Image Still. (Accessed on 13th December 2010)

Monaco, Alessandro. The Tenant. (Accessed on 13th December 2010)

Yet again, this film also features maddness when the main character starts seeing events that are happening only to them and no one else. Rosemay's Baby was like that, but trying to ask someone for help, they thought she was crazy. The neighbours knew about it but pretended that they didn't at all. The Tenant, it was different. The main character went into maddness when seeing things that the previous tenant does and gets in her daily life and also the events she had before committed suicide.

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