Thursday, 9 December 2010

Unit 3 - Rosemary's Baby (1968)

Directed by Roman Polanski. A couple moves into a new apartment with friendly neighbours. Later, Rosemary becomes pregnant and being protective of her unborn child, she faces many events happening in her life.

The film shows the main character going into madness like those in the films, The Haunting, Repulsion, and The Tenant. Maddness was caused by seeing something that doesn't fit anywhere in the puzzle. For example, Rosemary started to get suspicious by the drugs, food and drinks that she was given by her neighbour as it was giving her a strange effect.

(Polanski, Roman. 1968. Image Still. (10 December 2010))

What really amazes me in this film is that it shows the instinct of a female, making sure of her unborn child's safety by making sure she gets the right vitimins and minerals for her child's health.

"Mia Farrow plays an innocent, naive woman, who mature's overnight, in lieu of her motherly instinct in reaction to losing her child."
(TheTwistedLiver; 2003)

(Polanski, Roman. 1968. Image Still. (10 December 2010))

The amusing part in the film was when Rosemary locked the front door to the apartment to not let the neightbours and her husband in, thinking that they want her child. However, what she hasn't noticed that they came through another door, placed in a storage room that the previous owner who lived in the apartment before her death, blocked it off with a cabinet.

(Polanski, Roman. 1968. Image Still. (10 December 2010))

In overall, this film shows what it's like to be in the eyes of a pregnant woman, in need to protect her unborn child from those who worship Satan, but what she calls them are Witches.

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