Sunday, 9 January 2011

Unit 3 - The Uncanny Room Concept 3

Decided to do some changes to it. As I cannot make a twisted room as it has to be uncanny in a realistic way. So, the changes would be that the room is not distorted, the chair is in the corner of the room, a window and a exit that leads to the next room with no door.

For me to create this in 3D. I will make the chair and the room by scratch and the window will be taken from the 3D House that was going to be used to create a street.

The room's floors and walls will be textured using the Matte Paintings I did in Photoshop with Phil. The textures for the window and chair will be made in Maya.

Outside the window, there will be no image beyond that for it has to show that you cannot see what's beyond it because of the bright light.

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