Friday, 21 January 2011

Unit 3 - 3D Empty Room With Chair (16:9)

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Jackie said...

Hi Naomi! I emailed you the following stuff on Monday, but since nothing new has appeared on your blog yet, I thought I would re-post it here, just in case you didn't get the email! Here it is -

I hope you have recovered after the crit on Friday, and are starting to have a think about the next project now.

I thought I would send you a 'check list' to get you started - that way your blog will be up and running from the outset!

1. Please post your 3 components (character/prop/setting), along with initial thoughts.

2. Initial influence maps to show some ideas for the 3 components (these are just INITIAL ones - I'm sure you will end up with more complete ones as the project progresses!)

3. Please make contact with your writing partner ( Dmitrij ) - I think you are already following his blog? It will be useful to find out what his 3 words are, since you will be bouncing ideas off each other.

4. Essay -

'1,500 word written assignment that analyses critically one film in terms of the

relationship between story and structure; you should consider camera movement,

editing, and order of scenes'

Please decide on a film that you would like to analyse - what the question is asking you to do is look at how the film has been shot and edited, and how that influences the story that is being told, and also how the type of story would influence different aspects of editing etc. Post your film choice on the blog. (If you can't decide between a couple of films, post all your ideas, as I'm sure Phil will be able to advise which would be the better choice!)

5. Please read the PDFs available on myUCA.

So, just to recap - this project is all about PRE-PRODUCTION, so you won't be making an actual animation as such. You will end up with an animatic and a CG Pre-viz (along with everything else!)... some examples from last years 1st years can be found here -

( It's not letting me insert the links - but you can find them on your email!)

Ethan's trapeze artist, in a cellar with a swiss army knife -

Ruben's Lumberjack in a beauty parlour with a hosepipe -

As you will see, the drawing styles are very different, but both serve their purposes of conveying the camera shots, order of scenes etc.

Right, I think that will be enough for you to be starting with !! :)

Any questions, just ask..