Monday, 10 January 2011

Unit 3 - Empty Room Concept - Changed Chair Position

Changed the position of the chair so that it's in perspective along with the rest of the environment.

The uncanniness of this that makes a viewer uneasy is that there is nothing but one object in the room. Also, the fact the object is a chair, making it look like a young child once sat in it many years ago for being naughty before their death.


Jackie said...

Hi Naomi!
It's certainly a stronger image now that you have gone for the more realistic approach...I think it would be useful, for the purposes of the blog, if you could explain where you think the uncannyness lies in your image. Is it the light coming from an unknown source outside the window? Is it the fact that the chair is the only piece of furniture in an otherwise bare room? Or maybe it is 'something' lurking through the door at the back...? You need to have something that makes the viewer wonder WHY the room looks like it does...something that gives a feeling of unease.

Jackie said...

haha! I just saw that you have written that the uncanniness lies in the fact that there is only one chair! :)
I still think you need to have something else though, to suggest why there is only the one chair - have the occupants left in a hurry and forgotten it? Has it been put there in the corner for a reason? Is the room actually empty, or is something or someone lurking just out of shot or in the other room? (Perhaps the use of a shadow might be worth a try...?)

Jackie said...

ok Naomi! Its good that you have added a bit to the original description, but really what you need to do is make a whole new post every time you make an ajustment or explain something. Or in the very least, add the additions as a seperate comment. Otherwise the reader can't see your progression of ideas - and I look like a nutcase for commenting on things that you appear to have already done! :)