Thursday, 14 April 2011

Time Machine - Essay Introduction

The essay will analyse critically on how computer arts started and what it is like today. The enquiry will be focused on looking as far back as possible to where computer arts have started before going up to where it is now. The resources for this essay are Digital Encounters, a Computer in the Art Room: the origins of British computer arts 1950-80, Digital Art for the 21st Century Renderosity, MediaArtHistories, and Video Game Art. Additional resource that will be included in the essay is on A Brief History of Computer Art which will help show the development of Computer Arts from the 1950’s to what it’s up to today.

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tutorphil said...

Hey Naomi - good to see you making a start, but there is a BIG question at the heart of your introduction that you're not even dealing with yet - and it's vital that you do deal with it. What do you mean by 'Computer Arts'? Are you talking about computer graphics/digital painting/computers & fine art or what? The very FIRST thing your essay will need to do is be very clear about its definition of Computer Arts - what it means, what it doesn't mean. At the moment, you're using a big flabby phrase which means different things to different people - what do you mean by 'Computer Arts'? Give me a definition!