Friday, 15 April 2011

Unit 6 - Basic Scripts 2

Script 3:

Act 1: As the White Blood Cell enters, the scene tops, closes up to the cell and introduces it by using text.

Act 2: The scene turns over to the Virus/Bateria/Fungi Cell which then the scene tops, closes up and introduces it by using text.

Act 3: The White Blood Cell produces the Antibodies which stops, closes up and introduces it by using text. The scene ends when the antibodies attach to the virus/bateria/fungi cell which then the White Blood Cell devours.


Jackie said...

I think what would be good now, Naomi, is to see a rough storyboard - that way you will be able to show how much detail you will be going into. So, for example, you say 'introduces the white blood cell', but that could mean any number things! It could mean you just saying 'WHITE BLOOD CELL' or it could be you going into a lot more detail about the cell... Let's see some quick storyboards! :) Keep up the good work!

tutorphil said...

Hey Naomi - you need to get stuck into a storyboard and animatic - get some music on there - a mood - identify quickly how much detail/time each bit of information requires so that the audience can follow the process effortlessly.