Monday, 27 September 2010

Unit 1 - Research 4

Mythology is everywhere in the world from Ancient Egypt to European. But how did they come to be? Well, that is from stories told from the past, being spread to each individual who will tell the same story over again to others who will spread it more. Those who are religious believe that the stories are true, even today. But, those who are not, don't believe they are real at all. No one knows the truth behind it all. Mythology is a great thing to see in movies and stories as it brings up your imagination on what that person/creature looks like. Using no images at all but your imagination, explain a mythical creature like a Griffin and imagine on what it looks like, without looking up any images on it.

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tutorphil said...

Sounds like you're working towards an essay question here? Mythology is a MASSIVE subject area, and the key to a successful assignment is always the limits you put on it - in other words, make sure you know what you're writing about (and what you're not). For instance, you might limit your area of study by examining the frequency of 'animal-headed gods' in mythologies, and then focus on a specific belief/creature. I know 1,500 words sounds like a lot - but it's not! Avoid waffle - be specific - use evidence (quotes/illustrations) to support your investigation and remember to use the academic guidelines as requested.