Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Unit 1 - Research 2

I have found a list of Egyptian Gods and Monsters that respresent the project I am doing.

Egyptian Gods

Ra - Sun God, King of the Gods, with a head of an Eagle.
Anubis - God of Mummification, with a head of a Jackel.
Hathor - Goddess of Love, Music and Dance, with Cow Horns on head.
Sekhmet - Goddess of the Sun Woman, with a head of a Lion.
Nut - Goddess of the Sky, with Blue and Golden Stars.
Geb - God of the Earth, with the colour of Plants and Fertile Nile Mud.
Osiris - God of the Dead, dressed in White with Crook and Flail and White Crown.
Seth (Set) - God of the Desert, Storm and Violence, with a head of an Animal with a Long Curved Snout, Slanting Eyes and Square-Tipped Ears.
Horus - Son of Osiris, with a head of a Hawk.
Isis - Queen of Goddess, with Horns on her head.
Thoth - God of Wisdom, Time and Writing, with a head of a Ibis.
Ma'at - Goddess of Justice, with a Ostrich Feather in her hair.
Amun - God of Creation, Crowned with Ostrich Feathers.
Bastet - Protectress of Cats, with a head of a Cat.

Monsters of Egypt

Ammit - The Destroyer, with a head of a Crocodile, Shoulders of a Lion and Rump of a Hippopotamus.
Apep - The Snake.

Edkins, Jo. (1999). Egyptian Gods. http://gwydir.demon.co.uk/jo/egypt/index.htm (Accessed on 21st September 2010)

I also found information on what mythology is.

Mythology is the way people told stories to explain Natural Phemonena. An origin Myth is a Specific Myth that explains how something came to be. Like the way the Greeks explain thunderstorms or the seasons, thinking that they were responsible for according to their feelings.

Adrinna. Breanna. Heriberto. Valerie. (2007). Drive Thru Mythology. http://library.thinkquest.org/06aug/02214/what_is_mythology.html (Accessed on 21st September 2010)

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