Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Unit 1 - La Belle et La Bete

Directed by Jean Cocteau and was released in France in 1946 but wasn't released in the UK till 2008. I couldn't say much about this film as it's like the Disney one but objects talk to you while the old one doesn't as it shows hands move the objects for you and that doors automatically opens when you want to enter the next room.

When the Beast dies in the old film, he suddenly came to life and turned to a Prince while Avenant got shot in the back by a statue, turning him into a beast, killing him. The Disney one however, was different as to break the curse, Bella must love him back.

This film has a dark tone in it, not bacause it's black and white, it's the features used to represent it. The film shows more of the features in the castle and the forest than anywhere else, giving it an eerie feeling like your in a haunted house. Also, this film used all the technology on what the late 40's had to offer to create it.

1. Not just focusing on the potential of the film itself but the creativity used to make the film bring out our inner child.

Quote 1: "Jean Cocteau’s genius lay not just in realising the potential of such a project but in having the creative talent to make it happen."

2. Somthing than no one should forget about on how wonderous the scenes were in the castle.

Quote 2: "The ghostly scenes in the beast’s gothic castle are some of the most impressive and memorable to have been recorded on film."

3. A dark atmosphere, giving it an eerie feeling to the whole movie.

Quote 3:"The wonderful dark brooding smoky atmosphere is the most important aspect though - there are few films I've seen with such a powerful cinematic atmosphere, Reinhardt's Midsummer Night's Dream is one and Dead of Night another etc.", Inc. (1990). La Belle et La Bete (1946). (Accessed on 29th September 2010)

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